27 Mar

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Nutrients a Woman Needs to Eat to Be Physically Fit .

Women as much into how they look, and they can do anything to make sure that they look attractive and beautiful. Eating healthy foods can be one way of achieving this and not only helps you in keeping up with good shape but also in terms of health .

This are some of the nutrients a woman needs to eat to be physically fit. Vitamin B helps the bo0dy with immune system the body is able to fight diseases and all external attacks . When a woman is being pregnant there are so many interferences of hormones as the body tries to adjust to the new thing growing in the body what woman needs at this time is vitamin B as well as when he is having her periods and breastfeeding . Taking vitamin B minimizes stress and a woman can able to do her daily activities without any problem. For prevention of cancer cells and ensuring that woman is able to have a smooth childbearing her needs to take a lot of vitamin B2 and B9 for those purposes.

The beauty of a woman is in the hair in the skin complexion and also in the nails and to make sure that they look amazing at all times any woman is supposed to have a lot of intakes in vitamin B . When woman sustain injuries and illness vitamin k works best to ensure faster recovery. What vitamin K does is that it facilitates clotting hence the patient won’t have to lose a lot of blood as well as equating the blood pressure . The presence of minerals in the arteries in the arteries is not good since it has health effects this can be prevented from happening buy constantly taking vitamin K .

You can prevent you from getting diabetes by taking a lot vitamin D in the body so as it can regulate the number of sugars in the blood. When any woman is taking any contraceptive it may have side effects since it triggers the hormones before the body is getting used to a woman is needed to have a lot of vitamin D in the body.

Too much of fats and calories in the body is what is not good but body needs some fats to make to function properly, in this case, omega 3 supplements the body with necessary fats . Heart is the center of everything and when the heart is damaged that means the life of that person is at stake and it can result to death thus it’s good to ensure that you regulate the number of fats in the body .

Vitamin A is one of the supplements that help entirely the whole body from the skin eyes, hairs and also making the bones to be stronger. Living a good health is a personal responsibility that one has to take care of, to improve your immune system make sure that you have a lot of vitamins A intake .