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How to Choose the Right Fall Protection Rail Provider

Employees can suffer serious injuries that can even lead to death when they fall in the workplace. In all states, it is mandatory for employers to put up systems that will ensure the safety of their employees. Employers that do not comply with the regulatory requirements for employee safety risk getting huge fines. Apart from this, the company can have a case to answer when injured employees file claims for personal injury.

There are multiple rules that employers have to comply with to ensure the safety of their employees. For example, according to the regulations, leading edges that are over 4 feet are considered fall hazards. To protect your employees from fall over such edges, you will need a fall protection abatement plan.

Every workplace should take fall protection seriously. The lives of your employees may depend on the fall protection systems you choose and provide your work with. Follow the four tips below to find the right fall protection provider.

How Much Experience Does the Company Have?
Experience is one of the crucial things to consider before choosing a fall protection provider. Look for a provider that usually installs protection systems for organizations that are in the same industry as your business. A specialized provider will know the particular fall challenges in your industry and device appropriate systems to abate them.

Find out which clients the fall protection company has worked with in the past. Check whether the clients the provider has worked with are reputable and operate in your industry.

Who Will Be Liable for System Failures?Liability of the System
Another important thing to find out is who will be liable for failures of the fall protection system. Sometimes, employees can fall and get injured at the workplace even when guard rails have been set up. For example, an employees can fall because the guard rail was not properly installed. Confirm with the provider whether liability of the system failure will lie with them. The top fall protection installers will assume liability of any injuries resulting due to failure of the roof guard systems.

How Does the Roof Protector Work?
Maintaining a roof protection system is important to ensure it is working optimally. Find out from the provider whether your employees will be taught about maintaining the system. You also want a provider that would provide proper engineering documentation of the system so that you can know how they work. Check whether the protection system that will be installed passes the standards set by the regulatory bodies.

How Much Will You Pay?
The last thing to check is the cost of the system. Inquire about both setup and recurring fees.

Follow the tips above to find the right guard rail provider.

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