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Which Fishing Rod Is For You?

If you are someone who loves fishing, you would naturally want to buy the best fishing rod for yourself. Today, you can go online or to a fishing tacks store and see all the different types of fishing rods for sale and you might scratch you head and wonder which one is the one for you. We will here take a look at the different types of fishing rods and their uses. This can help you decide what is the best one for you.

There are many different types of fishing rods. If you want to buy the right fishing rod, then it is best to check out the descriptions of each below.

You should get a spinning fishing rod if you are fond of freshwater fishing. You can also use heavy spinning rods for saltwater or boat fishing. The design of spin rods is suitable for an eggbeater style reel. They are also used for casting and retrieving baits and lures. Spin rods is the name given to many general purpose rods. A spin rod is your best choice if you are going to do river fishing, pier fishing or light boat fishing.

If you need a long fishing rod then you should get a surf rod. These are heavy kinds of fishing rods. The reason for their length is to be able to assist in casting bait and sinkers from the beach out into the surf. Their strength also allows you to catch large and heavy fish. If you are using overhead, eggbeater or side cast reels, then a surf rod is a good choice of a fishing rod to use.

Game fishing in deep saltwater can be done best with a game rod. The game rod is best used for catching pelagic fish. Even if the fishing line goes up to 37 kg, the game rod can hold it. These are thick rods that are not easy to bend. These rods can also be used in a game fishing harness or chair because of its gimbal fitting. This type of rod has one or more roller guide instead of regular line guides.

if you are going out to catch trout, halibut, or salmon, then you should use a fly fishing rod. These are designed to hold fly fishing reels and used for freshwater fishing.

A subclass of spin rods is the boat rod. If you are doing tough saltwater fishing, the boar rod is ideal because it is short and heavy. These are used for snapper and shark fishing and can hold overhead or eggbeater style reels.

Rods are usually made of fiberglass or graphite. Fiberglass rods are cheaper and can usually bend more. Graphite rods can offer better feel and are tough and resilient. They are priced higher than fiberglass.

You can find many good brands popular worldwide and good brands which are popular in your locality.

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